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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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iTrBRprirS       ^PT3H                Tjf! SET                      If 55. If

%K    TRT     ^     ^1^ ^Rfa                %l5| I

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?f                                           1ft     35W5T ^ 3fft of -11$        II 81 II


T&? Zfejr of Judgment

cr do tell the chofien people ; arise re faithful, the day of judgment is &t hand.

I speak according to the Ruran and make my declaration before yon. AI! ye
heads of the chosen, people^ stand up and attend. The Testament (Wariyat-

ndm)* gives evidence : Eleven centuries shall be completed after the blessing
of the world fay the Knraa and by him who was merciful to the poor. A voice
sWl come from the tabernacle and Gabrielf shall take them to the appointed
place. For three days, there stall be gloom and confusion, aad the door of re-
pentance shall be c!0sed. And what ? shall there be any other way ?J Eay,
no one shall be able to befriend his neighbour.!

u Say now what shall be the duration of this life, and what the clear signs of
the coming of the last day. Christ shall reign for forty yearSj as is written la
the 28th Sipara, Hindus and Mjzsalmans shall both alike bring their creed to
the same point. And what shall come al>oat? when the Knrin has thus been
taken away ? this Is a matter which I would hare you now attentively con-

tt When 991 years are past? then the Lord Christ will come. This is writtea
in the llth Slpara: I will not quote a word wrongly. Jj The spirit of Grdd

 Watty at-mima ii, I belierfij a general nanief including: both the Enron and the Hadfe, wMdi
together make up the Mnliammadaii rule of faith ; tat I have not been able to trace lie pti-
coiir tradition, to which refereace is here nmde^ sa gpecifying the exact Eiamier of yean that
tie to          before Qmsfe second coming.
f Gabriel is accounted "God's ordinary rnesteager: bnt tores I should ratha BmTe locdcei far
Iffiaffi, whose datj it will be to soimd the Irainpei at the last i$j.
J Reset m&j possibly stand for ravish.
 its3 is for Mmeeslis * a kinsman/
1 la spite of thia emphatic asaeition, the qootetion would ap^ar to be incocrcc^ for ti
llth Sipaxa contains ao mch pMphecj.